Simple Tool for Organizing Web Sites

STOWS is a Simple Tool for Organizing Web Sites, written in Perl. It is used in web site management for keeping site structure under control and ensuring common appearance of the pages comprising a site.

Site structure can be understood as the way how pages are linked to each other, how the user is supposed to navigate through them and how they interact with server side modules. Common appearance means coherent usage of fonts, colors, graphics, logotypes, navigational elements and layout through pages. This is something that gives your pages a "corporate identity" and makes them recognizable in the endless ocean of pages on the World Wide Web.

In order to use this tool, you have to have a Perl interpreter installed on your machine. To make most out of it you should have a decent understanding of the HTML and some sense for programming. No knowledge of a programming language is needed, but it is advantageous if you understand concepts like variable and nesting.

STOWS is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence and can be downloaded from our download area.

Read the User Manual.


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