Generating kinetic equations for biochemical networks

Short description: SBMLsqueezer generates kinetic equations for biochemical networks according to context of each reaction. When used as a plug-in for CellDesigner it uses the information from the SBGN representation of all network components. In the stand-alone mode, SBMLsqueezer evaluates the Systems Biology Ontology (SBO) annotations to extract this information. An online version of SBMLsqueezer is available that runs without instally any software on the local machine. The rate laws that can be produced by SBMLsqueezer include several types of generalized mass action; detailed and generalized enzyme kinetics, various types of Hill equations, S- and H-systems, and additive models for gene regulation. User defined settings specify which equation to apply for any type of reaction and how to ensure unit consistency of the model. Equations can be created using contextual menus. All newly created parameters are equipped with the derived unit and annotated with SBO terms if available and meaningful textual names. MathML is inserted directly into the SBML file. LaTeX or text export of ordinary differential equations is provided.

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Version 2.1 released: SBMLsqueezer can now deal with Level 2 Version 5 and Level 3 Version 1 including all current extension packages. The plug-in version has been adopted for CellDesigner 4.4. The JSBML and Garuda backend have been updated, too. A new Users' Guide is available explaining the new features. See the Release Notes for details.   -   (draeger - 2015-08-10 16:20)

Version 2.0.1 released: This package includes an updated version of JSBML and Garuda backend. See the Release Notes
for details.   -   (draeger - 2014-10-24 17:50)

Version 2.0 available: Multiple new features have been implemented and the application has become much more stable, better adapted to various operating systems, and versatile. See the Release Notes for details.   -   (draeger - 2014-06-30 11:15)

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