A Java based framework to reconstruct genetic interactions from microarray data


Bioinformatics article   -   (spieth - 2006-08-09 13:43)
New publications about JCell (see List of publications).

Major Update   -   (spieth - 2006-04-10 7:34)
The upcoming version of JCell will comprehensively support SBML import and export.

Nomination: Best Paper Award   -   (spieth - 2006-04-02 13:21)
Nomination for the GECCO Best Paper Award.

New publications: GECCO 2006   -   (spieth - 2006-03-27 18:52)
New publications about generic modeling with EAs (see List of publications).

Multi-Objective EAs: new algorithms implemented   -   (spieth - 2005-11-15 09:11)
New algorithms using multiple optimization objectives.

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