Achim Lilienthal and Tom Duckett

A Stereo Electronic Nose for a Mobile Inspection Robot

Proceedings of ROSE 2003, Örebro, Sweden, June 5-6


This paper describes the design of a gas-sensitive system ("mobile nose") that is suitable for use on a mobile robot. The stereo architecture comprises two equivalent sets of gas sensors mounted inside separated ventilated tubes (or "nostrils"). To characterise the dynamic response, the whole system is modelled as a first-order sensor. The corresponding parameters, including the response and recovery time, can be obtained by fitting this model to the values recorded during a simple experiment described in this paper. Our experiments confirmed the suitability of the applied model and permitted a quantitative comparison of different set-ups. It is shown that using suction fans lowers the recovery time of the metal oxide gas sensors by a factor of two, while a solid separation between the tubes (a "septum") is necessary to maintain the sensitivity of the mobile nose to concentration gradients.


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