Achim Lilienthal, Felix Streichert, and Andreas Zell

Model-based Shape Analysis of Gas Concentration Gridmaps for Improved Gas Source Localisation

ICRA 2005, Barcelona, Spain, April 18 - 22, 2005, pp. 3575 - 3580


This work addresses the capability to use concentration gridmaps to locate a static gas source. In previous works it was found that depending on the shape of the mapped gas distribution (corresponding to different airflow conditions) the gas source location can be sometimes approximated with high accuracy by the maximum in the concentration map while this is not possible in other cases. This paper introduces a method to distinguish both cases by analysing the shape of the obtained concentration map in terms of a model of the time-averaged gas distribution known from physics. The parameters of the model that approximates the concentration map most closely are determined by nonlinear least squares fitting using evolution strategies (ES). The best fit also provides a better estimate of the gas source position in situations where the concentration maximum estimate fails. Different methods to select the most truthful estimate are introduced in this work and a comparison regarding their accuracy is presented, based on a total of 34h of concentration mapping experiments.
Index Terms - Gas concentration mapping, gas source localisation.


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