Achim Lilienthal, Holger Ulmer, Holger Fröhlich, Andreas Stützle, Felix Werner and Andreas Zell

Gas Source Declaration with a Mobile Robot

ICRA 2004, New Orleans, USA, April 26 - May 1, 2004, pp. 1430 - 1435


As a sub-task of the general gas source localisation problem, gas source declaration is the process of determining the certainty that a source is in the immediate vicinity. Due to the turbulent character of gas transport in a natural indoor environment, it is not sufficient to search for instantaneous concentration maxima, in order to solve this task. Therefore, this paper introduces a method to classify whether an object is a gas source or not from a series of concentration measurements, recorded while the robot performs a rotation manoeuvre in front of a possible source. For three different gas source positions, a total of 288 declaration experiments were carried out at different robot-to-source distances. Based on these readings, two machine learning techniques (ANN, SVM) were evaluated in terms of their classification performance. With learning parameters that were optimised by grid search, a maximal hit rate of approximately 87.5% could be obtained using a support vector machine.


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