Achim Lilienthal, Denis Reiman and Andreas Zell

Gas Source Tracing With a Mobile Robot Using an Adapted Moth Strategy

In Proceedings of AMS 2003, 18. Fachgespräch, Karlsruhe, 4./5. Dezember 2003, pp. 150-160


As a sub-task of the general gas source localisation problem, gas source tracing is supposed to guide a gas-sensitive mobile system towards a source by using the cues determined from the gas distribution sensed along a driven path. This paper reports on an investigation of a biologically inspired gas source tracing strategy. Similar to the behaviour of the silkworm moth \emph{Bombyx mori}, the implemented behaviour consists of a fixed motion pattern that realises a local search, and a mechanism that (re-)starts this motion pattern if an increased gas concentration is sensed. While the moth uses the local airflow direction to orient the motion pattern, this is not possible for a mobile robot due to the detection limits of currently available anemometers. Thus, an alternative method was implemented that uses an asymmetric motion pattern, which is biased towards the side where higher gas sensor readings were obtained. The adaptated strategy was implemented and tested on an experimental platform. This paper describes the strategy and evaluates its performance in terms of the ability to drive the robot towards a gas source and to keep it within close proximity of the source.


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