Talks and Demos Alumni-Meeting Cognitive Systems (Prof. Zell)

29.06.2018, Room A301 (2nd Floor)
(The program is not yet final and might change in some time slots).

Time Speaker Topic
14:00 Andreas Zell Welcome address ...
14:10 Giovanni Beltrame (E. Polytechnique de Montreal)
How do you program 1000 robots?
14:20 Yanjun Cao (E. Polytechnique de Montreal)
Collaborative localization system for SWARM
14:30 Jürgen Wakunda (IBM, Böblingen lab)
Verifikation von IBM POWER- und z-Mikroprozessoren
14:40 Sujit Rajappa
Multicopters with 6 DoF and force/torque sensing
14:50 Hannes Planatscher (Signatope)
Signatope - A life science startup
15:00 Coffee break with robot demos Flying robots lab, CrazyFly swarm
15:10 DJI Matrice 100 with Hyperspectral-Camera in FarmingIOS
15:20 Mobility Assistant
15:30 Konstantin Schauwecker (Nerian Vision)
High-performance stereo vision on FPGAs
15:40 Hamd Riaz
Detecting people with deep neural networks in IR camera images
15:50 Sebastian Buck (Daimler)
Environment Perception for Urban Autonomous Driving
16:00 Jonas Tebbe, Yapeng Gao
A table tennis robot based on a KUKA KR6 R900 robot arm
16:10 Thomas Weber (Reutlingen U. of App. Sc.)
3D object reconstruction based on CNN semantic segmentation
16:20 Chenhao Yang
Quadrocopters with stereo vision and RGB-D cameras
16:30 Coffee break with robot demos Table tennis robot
16:40 Robot manipulators
16:50 Summit XL, Turtlebots
17:00 Pavel Laskov (U. of Liechtenstein, Vaduz)
IT-Security made in Liechtenstein
17:10 Maximus Mutschler
The new TC-ML GPU-Cluster at Tübingen
17:20 Marc Ebner (U. Greifswald)
A model for natural language generation
17:30 Ya Wang
Using semantics to improve feature based visual SLAM
17:40 Julio Montesdeoca (Salesian Polytechnic Uni. ECU)
Generalized Controller for Wheeled Mobile Robots
17:50 Isabel Patino RGBD sensors and reconstructions with KinFu
18:00 Hauke Neitzel Intelligent labelling of video sequences for DNN training