Release Notes of SBMLsqueezer version 1.2.1

Download of SBMLsquezeezer

You can always download the latest version of SBMLsqueezer at

New Features

In the context menu, SBMLsqueezer now remembers the rate law when switching the reaction from reversible to irreversible and automatically selects the corresponding equation if available.

Bug Fixes

In the Hill equation instead of inhibitors SBMLsqueezer accessed the list of activators to create an inhibition term (only in SBMLsqueezer 1.2).

When trying to remove unnecessary parameters from the model, SBMLsqueezer 1.2 deleted parameters, whose identifiers contain upper case letters, no matter if these occur in kinetic equations because of an incorrect String comparison.

The thermodynamically independent convenience kinetics was not created correctly in SBMLsqueezer 1.2: the integer one was substracted in the denominator in cases where this was incorrect and the parameter kV was not multiplied with the formula.