Java Neural Network Simulator

JavaNNS and SNNS are now very outdated and are no longer supported or maintained. Better use a modern neural network simulator, like Google Tensorflow 2.0 or Facebook's PyTorch 1.5, which also have very good online tutorials and support GPUs.

JavaNNS is the successor of SNNS. It is based on its computing kernel, with a newly developed, comfortable graphical user interface written in Java set on top of it. Hence the compatibility with SNNS is achieved, while the platform-independence is increased.

JavaNNS user interface

In addition to SNNS features, JavaNNS offers the possibility of linking HTML browsers to it which makes it possible to call for the user manual (available in HTML) or, optionally, a reference coursebook on neural networks directly from within the program.

At present, JavaNNS is available for Windows NT / Windows 2000, Solaris und RedHat Linux. Further ports are to follow soon.

JavaNNS is freely available and can be downloaded from our download area. The User Manual is provided as an HTML document tree and as a PDF file.

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