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[1] Stefan Feyrer, Oliver Schimmel, and Andreas Zell. Dreidimensionale umgebungsmodellierung durch monokulare exploration mit einem mobilen roboter. In Autonome Mobile Systeme 1999, 15. Fachgespräch, Informatik aktuell, pages 366--375. Springer, November 1999. [ .ps.gz ]
[2] Matthias O. Franz, Titus R. Neumann, Michael Plagge, Hanspeter A. Mallot, and Andreas Zell. Can fly tangential neurons be used to estimate self-motion? In D. Willshaw and A. Murray, editors, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN 1999), volume 2, pages 994--999. Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE), September 1999. [ DOI ]
[3] Guojian Cheng and Andreas Zell. Multiple growing cell structures. Neural Network World, 9(5):425--452, 1999. [ .ps.gz ]
[4] Marc Ebner. Evolving an environment model for robot localization. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 184--192, 1999.
[5] Marc Ebner. On the search space of genetic programming and its relation to nature's search space. Trees, 1:5, 1999.
[6] Marc Ebner and Andreas Zell. Evolving a task specific image operator. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 74--89, 1999.
[7] Marc Ebner and Andreas Zell. Evolving a behavior-based control architecture-from simulations to the real world. In Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 1999), pages 1009--1014, Orlando, Florida, USA, jul 1999. Morgan Kaufmann.
[8] Stefan Feyrer and Andreas Zell. Personentracking mit einer mobilen roboterplattform unter verwendung eines multimodalen detektionsansatzes. KI, 13(1):7--12, 1999. [ .ps.gz ]
[9] Stefan Feyrer and Andreas Zell. Tracking and pursuing persons with a mobile robot. In RATFG-RTS '99: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Recognition, Analysis, and Tracking of Faces and Gestures in Real-Time Systems, pages 83--88. IEEE Computer Society, 1999. [ DOI | .ps.gz ]
[10] Stefan Feyrer and Andreas Zell. Detection, tracking, and pursuit of humans with an autonomous mobile robot. In International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 1999 (IROS '99), pages 864--869, Kyongju, Korea, 1999. [ .ps.gz ]
[11] Thomas E. Koch, Ralph Müller, Franz Schneider, and Andreas Zell. Positionierung von Spannmitteln zur Werkstückfixierung mittels Evolutionärer Algorithmen. Automatisierungstechnische Praxis atp, 41(9):32--39, 1999. [ .ps.gz ]
[12] Alexander Mojaev, Andreas Zell, and A Rechnerarchitektur. Robuste reaktive bahnregelung und kollisionsvermeidung eines autonomen mobilen roboters. Informatik Aktuell, pages 284--292, 1999.
[13] Michael Plagge, Richard Günther, Jörn Ihlenburg, Dirk Jung, and Andreas Zell. The attempto robocup robot team. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 424--433, 1999.