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[1] Jürgen Wakunda and Andreas Zell. EvA: A Tool for Optimization with Evolutionary Algorithms. In 23rd EUROMICRO Conference '97 New Frontiers of Information Technology, volume 0, pages 644--651, Los Alamitos, CA, USA, September 1997. IEEE Computer Society. [ DOI | details | link | pdf ]
[2] C Wittman, RD Schmid, S Löffler, and Andreas Zell. Application of a neural network for pattern recognition of pesticides in water samples by different immunochemical techniques, chapter 28, pages 343--360. American Chemical Society, May 1997. [ DOI ]
[3] Marc Ebner. Evolution of hierarchical translation-invariant feature detectors with an application to character recognition. Informatik Aktuell, pages 456--463, 1997.
[4] Marc Ebner. On the evolution of edge detectors for robot vision using genetic programming. pages 127--134, 1997.
[5] Stefan Feyrer, O Schimmel, and Andreas Zell. Adaptive farbbasierte Objektverfolgung mit dem mobilen Roboter ROBIN. volume 97, pages 176--185, 1997. [ .ps.gz ]
[6] J Seemann, FR Rapp, Andreas Zell, and G Gauglitz. Classical and modern algorithms for the evaluation of data from sensor-arrays. Fresenius'Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 359(1):100--106, 1997.
[7] Andreas Zell, Stefan Feyrer, Marc Ebner, Alexander Mojaev, O Schimmel, and K Langenbacher. Systemarchitektur der autonomen mobilen Roboter Robin und Colin der Universität Tübingen. In Horst-Michael Groß, editor, Workshop SOAVE 97 - Selbstorganisation von Adaptivem Verhalten 1997, pages 151--155. VDI Verlag, 1997. [ .ps.gz ]
[8] Andreas Zell, Johannes Hirche, Dirk Jung, and Volker Scheer. Erfahrungen mit einer gruppe mobiler kleinroboter in einem roboterpraktikum. In 1. Workshop Kognitive Robotik, 21. Deutsche Jahrestagung für Künstliche Intelligenz, Freiburg, Germany, 1997. In German.