Research Related Links: Evolutionary Algorithms

Important Persons and Research Groups

Bionik und Evolutionstechnik
Bionics Institute of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo Rechenberg (one of the two inventors of the Evolution Strategy).
Lehrstuhl für Systemanalyse, Uni Dortmund
Prof. Dr.-Ing Hans-Paul Schwefel (one of the two inventors of the Evolution Strategy)
IlliGAL Home Page (David E. Goldberg)
Natural Selection, Inc. Home Page
Lawrence J. Fogel (inventor of Evolutionary Programming - EP) and David B. Fogel.
Evolutionary Computation Research Group at Napier University
Evolutionary Programming Society
John Koza
John R. Koza is the inventor of Genetic Programming.

Bibliographies and search engines

BBase home
New search engine for EC-related publications
Bibliography on Genetic Algorithms
The Genetic Programming Notebook
General search engine
Cora Research Paper Search
another general search engine
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies


Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation
ENCORE, the electronic appendix to the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to EC
EvoWeb EvoNET home page
The Genetic Algorithms Archive rich source that responds only sometimes :-(
Books on EC
Handbook of Evolutionary Computation
Memetic Algorithms' Homepage
The Genetic Programming Notebook
Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life Page
Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems at COGS
Evolutionary Computation Repository (University of Stuttgart)

EA Software

EO Evolutionary Computation Framework
The Java Distributed Evolutionary Algorithm Library Homepage
UAMIS AI Group - Genetic Algorithm Optimizer
Java-Applet which visualizes function optimization with GA.
Primordial Life
Evolving Creatures in a Windows Screensaver
Genetic Art
A Java applet for interactive evolution of a fractal image.
Xesep - XWindow Evolution Scheduling & Evolving Processes

Tutorials, introductions, samples

Evolutionary Algorihtms
Java sample applets
Introduction to genetic algorithms with Java applets
GA Playground - Java Genetic Algorithms Toolkit
Introduction to Genetic Algorithms.
The ABC of GP


Differential Evolution Homepage
EMO - Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
Optimization Technology Center at Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University
Preliminary Investigation of a New Genetic Algorithm-Based Multiple-Objective Optimization Technique: Plateau Weighting
Global Optimization
Groupe Fractales - INRIA - Genetic Algorithms

Important Journals

Evolutionary Computation Page
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation