Praktikum: Flying robots

Instructors Radouane Ait Jellal,Ya Wang
Regular meeting time Wednesday, 2:00 - 6:00 pm
Effort 6 LP
Start April 19, 2017, 2:00 PM
Room Sand 14, C327



This lab course aims at covering the most important topics required to understand most aspects of current research on flying robots e.g. Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) and should ideally enable motivated participants to engage in their own projects afterwards.

Participants are expected to independently familiarize themselves with the proposed topics including the control and the application of computer vision, e.g. mapping and SLAM for flying robots. The participants will first develop the control and computer vision algorithms in the virtual environment and then implement them onto the quadrotor flying robots during the course.

Participants are expected to work in 2-person teams to fulfill 8 assignments in this lab course. There is no examination at the end of this course. Only the scores of the assignments are counted.

The software for the flying robots are in C++ and Python. Background knowledge on mobile robots as given in the lecture "Mobile Roboter" (Prof. Zell) and programming experience in C++ is desired.


Praktikumsplatz Betreuung Teilnehmer(in)
1 Ait Jelall, Wang
2 Ait Jelall, Wang
3 Ait Jelall, Wang
4 Ait Jelall, Wang
5 Ait Jelall, Wang
6 Ait Jelall, Wang
7 Ait Jelall, Wang
8 Ait Jelall, Wang
9 Ait Jelall, Wang
10 Ait Jelall, Wang
11 Ait Jelall, Wang
12 Ait Jelall, Wang

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