Seminar: Advanced Topics in Mobile Robotics: Micro Aerial Vehicles

Instructors Sebastian Scherer, Yuyi Liu
Regular meeting time Thursday, 6:00pm
Effort 2 SWS, 4 LP
Preliminary meeting April 16, 2015, 4:00PM Sand 6, Seminar Room 1 (F116)
Room Sand 1, A301


This seminar aims at covering the most important topics required to understand most aspects of current research on Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) and should ideally enable motivated participants to engage in their own projects afterwards.

Participants are expected to independently familiarize themselves with a one of the proposed seminar topics and prepare both a 45 minutes (+ 15 minutes discussion) presentation and a short written report (15 to 20 pages). The written report is due two weeks after giving the presentation. We provide introductory reading for each topic that can serve as a starting point for further literature research.

Participants are required to attend every session to pass. The final grade depends on the quality of the presentation and the written report.

Dates and Topics

Date Topic Supervisor Participant
tbd History of Multi-Rotor Helicopters Sebastian Scherer
tbd Dynamics of Multi-Rotor Helicopters Sebastian Scherer
tbd Introduction to Control of MAVs Yuyi Liu
tbd Advanced Control Methods of MAVs Yuyi Liu
tbd Trajectory Generation Yuyi Liu
tbd Attitude Estimation Sebastian Scherer
tbd Inertial Navigation Sebastian Scherer
tbd Visual-Inertial State Estimation Sebastian Scherer
tbd Autonomous Navigation using Laser Range Finders Sebastian Scherer
tbd Stereo Vision Based Autonomous Navigation Sebastian Scherer
tbd Applications of Micro Aerial Vehicles Yuyi Liu
tbd New designs of micro aerial vehicles Yuyi Liu

Recommended Literature

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Template for the Written Report

You may use this LaTeX template.

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