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                        JavaNNS Readme file

Welcome to JavaNNS 1.1, the successor of SNNS. Currently, binary 
distributions for the following platforms are provided:

- Windows NT and Windows 2000:
- Linux for Intel machines:  		JavaNNS-LinuxIntel.tar.gz
- Linux (AMD64):  		        JavaNNS-LinuxAMD64.tar.gz
- Solaris 7:                            JavaNNS-Solaris.tar.gz

After dowloading the correct distribution file, unpack it into a
directory of your choice. In order to install the program, follow the
steps described in the JavaNNS User Manual, which is placed in the
subdirectory "manual". The User Manual is provided as a PDF file and
as a set of HTML files, starting with JavaNNS-manual.html, so you will
need the Adobe Acrobat Reader or a HTML browser in order to read it.

The installation is very easy and takes only several seconds, provided
that you have a Java Runtime Environmen installed. JRE 1.3 or later is
recomended. You can start the program by typing

  java -jar JavaNNS.jar
from the command prompt.

In order to be able to use the User Manual from within the simulator,
you may have to adjust some of the JavaNNS properties. Use View/Properties
menu in JavaNNS and consult the User Manual for further details.

JavaNNS has been tested on various Linux distributions (Mandrake 10.0, 
Debian 10.0,  Fedora Core 2, SUSE 9, Slackware 10.0, Gentoo,
Knoppix 3.4) without any problems. The test runs were performed on Sun's
Java 2 Runtime Environment (, which
is recommended for use with JavaNNS.
Only few distributions (SUSE, Slackware and Gentoo) include Sun's
JRE in their respective package systems, so please refer to the
supplied documentation for manual installation instructions.

                     End of JavaNNS Readme file