Talks and Demos Alumni-Meeting Cognitive Systems (Prof. Zell)

30.06.2017, Room A301 (2nd Floor)
Time Speaker Topic
14:00 Andreas Zell Reception
14:10 Marc Ebner Distributed Storage and Recall of Sentences for Natural Lang. Generation
14:20 Goran Huskić Control of Outdoor Robots at Higher Speeds on Challenging Terrain
14:30 Alexander Dörr Schwerpunkte und Projekte der TWT GmbH
14:40 Sebastian Buck A framework for perception and high-level robot modeling
14:50 Lars Rosenbaum t.b.a.
15:00 Coffee break with robot demos Flying Robots Lab, 3D-Chess
15:10 Summit XL, 3D Head Features Localization
15:20 Small Robots Lab
15:30 Sebastian Scherer Underwater Robotics Research at Bosch
15:40 Radouane Ait-Jellal Line Segment based Efficient Large Scale Stereo Matching
15:50 Konstantin Schauwecker Nerian's real-time stereo vision sensor
16:00 Ya Wang & Chenhao Yang Visual SLAM of Quadrocopters
16:10 Karl-Engelbert Wenzel Vorentwicklung bei Kärcher
16:20 Richard Hanten Robust real-time 3D Person Detection for mobile robots
16:30 Coffee break with robot demos Scitos with Kinova Jaco 2 (robot arm)
16:40 MobilAassist, CS::APEX
16:50 Table tennis robot
17:00 Nedim Šrndić Scaling Machine Learning
17:10 Jonas Tebbe & Yapang Gao A table tennis robot system
17:20 Sebastian Otte Many Joint Robot Arm Control with RNNs
17:30 Adrian Zwiener Collision Detection of Mobile Manipulators
17:40 Philipp Vorst (i.V.) Next Generations of Industrial Automation Systems
17:50 Andreas Zell Final Remarks