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How to obtain SNNS

    The SNNS simulator can be obtained via anonymous ftp from host  (
in the subdirectory
as file
or in several parts as files
        SNNSv4.1.tar.Z.aa, SNNSv4.1.tar.Z.ab, ...

These split files are each less than 1 MB and can be joined with the Unix `cat' command into one file SNNSv4.1.tar.Z. Be sure to set the ftp mode to binary before transmission of the files. Also watch out for possible higher version numbers, patches or Readme files in the above directory /pub/SNNS. After successful transmission of the file move it to the directory where you want to install SNNS, uncompress and untar the file with the Unix command

        uncompress < SNNSv4.1.tar.Z | tar xvf -

This will extract SNNS in the current directory. The SNNS distribution includes full source code, installation procedures for supported machine architectures and some simple examples of trained networks. The full English documentation as LaTeX source code with PostScript images included and a PostScript version of the documentation is also available in the SNNS directory.
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