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Terminal Symbols

WHITE                     {" " | "\t"}
FREE                      {^"\n"}                      /* anything up to EOL */
COMMENT                   "#" FREE "\n"
L_BRACKET                 "["
R_BRACKET                 "]"
V_NUMBER                  [Vv]{INT}+"."{INT}+           /* version number */
INT                       ["0"-"9"]
NUMBER                    [-+]?{{INT}+ | {INT}+{EXP} |{INT}+"."{INT}*({EXP})? |
EXP                       [Ee][-+]?{INT}+
VERSION_HEADER            "SNNS pattern definition file"
GENERATED_AT              "generated at" {FREE}* "\n"
NO_OF_PATTERN             "No. of patterns" {WHITE}* ":"
NO_OF_INPUT               "No. of input units" {WHITE}* ":"
NO_OF_OUTPUT              "No. of output units" {WHITE}* ":"
NO_OF_VAR_IDIM            "No. of variable input dimensions" {WHITE}* ":"
NO_OF_VAR_ODIM            "No. of variable output dimensions" {WHITE}* ":"
MAXIMUM_IDIM              "Maximum input dimensions" {WHITE}* ":"
MAXIMUM_ODIM              "Maximum output dimensions" {WHITE}* ":"
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