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Error Messages of the Simulator Kernel


Most interface functions return an error code if the parameters contradict each other, or if an error occurred during execution. If no error occurred during execution of a kernel interface function, the function returns the code: KRERR_NO_ERROR. KRERR_NO_ERROR is equal to 0. The simulator kernel can generate 54 different error messages. The error code constants are defined in glob_typ.h. There is also a function to translate an error code into text:

char *krui_error( int error_code )
converts an error code to a string. The following error messages are used:

KRERR_NO_ERROR:                  No Error
KRERR_INSUFFICIENT_MEM:          Insufficient memory
KRERR_UNIT_NO:                   Invalid unit number
KRERR_OUTFUNC:                   Invalid unit output function
KRERR_ACTFUNC:                   Invalid unit activation function
KRERR_SITEFUNC:                  Invalid site function
KRERR_CREATE_SITE:               Creation of sites is not permitted 
                                 because unit has direct input links
KRERR_ALREADY_CONNECTED:         Creation of a link is not permitted 
                                 because there exists already a link 
                                 between these units
KRERR_CRITICAL_MALLOC:           allocation failed in critical operation.
KRERR_FTYPE_NAME:                Ftype name is not definite
KRERR_FTYPE_ENTRY:               Current Ftype entry is not defined
KRERR_COPYMODE:                  Invalid copy mode
KRERR_NO_SITES:                  Current unit does not have sites
KRERR_FROZEN:                    Can't update unit because unit is frozen
KRERR_REDEF_SITE_NAME:           Redefinition of site name not permitted
                                 (site name already exists)
KRERR_UNDEF_SITE_NAME:           Site name is not defined
KRERR_NOT_3D:                    Invalid Function: Not a 3D-Kernel
KRERR_DUPLICATED_SITE:           Unit has already a site with this name  
KRERR_INUSE_SITE:                Can not delete site table entry because 
                                 site is in use
KRERR_FTYPE_SITE:                Current Ftype site is not defined
KRERR_FTYPE_SYMBOL:              Given symbol is not defined in the symbol 
KRERR_IO:                        Physical I/O error
KRERR_SAVE_LINE_LEN:             Creation of output file failed 
                                 (line length, limit exceeded)
KRERR_NET_DEPTH:                 The depth of the network does not fit the 
                                 learning function
KRERR_NO_UNITS:                  No Units defined
KRERR_EOF:                       Unexpected EOF
KRERR_LINE_LENGTH:               Line length exceeded
KRERR_FILE_FORMAT:               Incompatible file format
KRERR_FILE_OPEN:                 Can not open file
KRERR_FILE_SYNTAX:               Syntax error at line
KRERR_MALLOC1:                   Memory allocation error 1
KRERR_TTYPE:                     Topologic type invalid
KRERR_SYMBOL:                    Symbol pattern invalid 
                                 (must match [A-Za-z]^[|, ]*)
KRERR_NO_SUCH_SITE:              Current unit does not have a site with 
                                 this name
KRERR_NO_HIDDEN_UNITS:           No hidden units defined
KRERR_CYCLES:                    cycle(s):
KRERR_DEAD_UNITS:                dead unit(s):
KRERR_INPUT_PATTERNS:            Pattern file contains not the same number
                                 of input units as the network                                
KRERR_OUTPUT_PATTERNS:           Pattern file contains not the same number 
                                 of output units as the network
KRERR_CHANGED_I_UNITS:           Number of input units has changed
KRERR_CHANGED_O_UNITS:           Number of output units has changed
KRERR_NO_INPUT_UNITS:            No input units defined
KRERR_NO_OUTPUT_UNITS:           No output units defined
KRERR_NO_PATTERNS:               No patterns defined
KRERR_INCORE_PATTERNS:           Incore patterns incompatible with current 
                                 network (remove loaded patterns before 
                                 loading network)
KRERR_PATTERN_NO:                Invalid pattern number
KRERR_LEARNING_FUNC:             Invalid learning function
KRERR_PARAMETERS:                Invalid parameters
KRERR_UPDATE_FUNC:               Invalid update function
KRERR_INIT_FUNC:                 Invalid initialization function
KRERR_DERIV_FUNC:                Derivation function of the activation 
                                 function does not exist
KRERR_I_UNITS_CONNECT:           input unit(s) with input connections to 
                                 other units
KRERR_O_UNITS_CONNECT:           output unit(s) with output connections to 
                                 other units
KRERR_TOPOMODE:                  Invalid topological sorting mode
KRERR_LEARNING_SITES:            Learning function doesn't support sites   
KRERR_SITES_NO_SUPPORT:          Sites are not supported
KRERR_NO_MASPAR_KERNEL:          This isn't a MasPar Kernel
KRERR_NOT_NEIGHBOUR_LAYER:       Connection(s) between unit(s) in 
                                 non-neighbour layers are not supported
KRERR_MUCH_LAYERS:               The number of layers is too high
KRERR_NOT_FULLY_CONNECTED:       The network layers aren't fully connected
KRERR_MODE_FF1_INVALID_OP:       This operation is not allowed in parallel 
                                 kernel mode
KRERR_NET_TRANSFORM:             Change of network type isn't possible in 
                                 parallel kernel mode
KRERR_NO_CURRENT_LINK:           No current link defined
KRERR_NO_CURRENT_UNIT:           No current unit defined
KRERR_UNIT_NO_INPUT:             Current unit does't have any inputs
KRERR_TOPO_DEFINITION:           Invalid parameter in topologic definition 
KRERR_BAD_CONNECTION:            Creation of link between these units is 
                                 not permitted
KRERR_MASPAR_NO_RESPOND:         MasPar doesn't respond 
KRERR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED_YET:       This function isn't implemented yet
KRERR_NOT_PARRALLEL_MODE:        Kernel isn't in parallel mode
KRERR_MASPAR_OUT_OF_PE_MEM:      MasPar ran out of memory
KRERR_MASPAR_COMMUNICATE:        MasPar communication error
KRERR_MASPAR_OUT_OF_PE:          MasPar ran out of processors
KRERR_MISSING_DEFAULT_FUNC:      Missing default function 
                                 (check function table)
KRERR_MASPAR_MULTI_OUT_FUNC:     MasPar kernel does not support multiple 
                                 unit output functions
KRERR_MASPAR_MULTI_ACT_FUNC:     MasPar kernel doesn't support multiple 
                                 unit activation functions
KRERR_NET_DEPTH:                 The depth of the network does not fit to 
                                 the learning function
KRERR_NO_OF_UNITS_IN_LAYER:      Wrong no. of units in layer
KRERR_UNIT_MISSING:              Unit missing or not correctly connected
KRERR_UNDETERMINED_UNIT:         Unit does not belong to a defined layer 
                                 in the network
KRERR_ACT_FUNC:                  Unit has wrong activation function
KRERR_OUT_FUNC:                  Unit has wrong output function
KRERR_SITE_FUNC:                 Unexpected site function at unit 
KRERR_UNEXPECTED_SITES:          Unit is not expected to have sites 
KRERR_UNEXPECTED_DIRECT_INPUTS:  Unit is expected to have sites 
KRERR_SITE_MISSING:              Site missing at unit 
KRERR_UNEXPECTED_LINK:           Unexpected link 
KRERR_LINK_MISSING:              Missing link(s) to unit 
KRERR_LINK_TO_WRONG_SITE:        Link ends at wrong site of target unit 
KRERR_TOPOLOGY:                  The network is not fitting the required 
KRERR_PARAM_BETA:                Wrong beta parameter in unit bias value
KRERR_CC_ERROR1:                 Topo_ptr_array is sorted in the wrong way
KRERR_CC_ERROR2:                 There is no memory allocated
KRERR_CC_ERROR3:                 Not enough memory to run Casscade
KRERR_CC_ERROR4:                 Hidden unit with more than one recurent 
                                 link detected
KRERR_CC_ERROR5:                 Hidden unit without recurrent link found
KRERR_CC_ERROR6:                 Hidden layer does not fit the required 
KRERR_CC_ERROR7:                 The first link of a hidden unit is not a 
                                 recurent link
KRERR_CC_ERROR8:                 Special unit with more than one recurent 
                                 link detected
KRERR_CC_ERROR9:                 First link of a special unit is not a 
                                 recurent link
KRERR_CC_ERROR10:                Wrong update function
KRERR_CC_ERROR11:                Wrong init function
DLVQ_ERROR1:                     There are empty classes
DLVQ_ERROR2:                     There is a class lower than zero
DLVQ_ERROR3:                     Wrong number of output units.
DLVQ_ERROR4:                     This network is not fitting the required 
DLVQ_ERROR5:                     There isn't a unit for every class
KRERR_NP_NO_MORE_ENTRIES:        No more free pattern sets available
KRERR_NP_NO_SUCH_PATTERN_SET:    No such Pattern set defined
KRERR_NP_CURRENT_PATTERN:        No current pattern defined
KRERR_NP_DIMENSION:              Specified sub pattern does not fit into 
KRERR_NP_NO_SUCH_PATTERN:        No such pattern available
KRERR_NP_NO_CURRENT_PATTERN_SET: No current pattern set defined
KRERR_NP_DOES_NOT_FIT:           Pattern (sub pattern) does not fit the 
KRERR_NP_NO_TRAIN_SCHEME:        No sub pattern shifting scheme defined
KRERR_NP_NO_OUTPUT_PATTERN:      Pattern contains no output information
KRERR_NP_INCOMPATIBLE_NEW:       New Pattern does not fit to existing set   
KRERR_NP_PARAM_ZERO:             Illegal parameter value <= 0 specified
KRERR_IP_ISNOTINITED:            Paragon kernel is not initialized
KRERR_IP_ISINITED:               Paragon kernel is already initialized
KRERR_IP_SENDMSGFAILED:          Sending a message fails
KRERR_IP_MSGSYNTAX:              Syntax error in received message 
KRERR_IP_UNKNOWENCMD:            Receive unknown command
KRERR_IP_LESSPAT:                There are less patterns than allocated 
KRERR_IP_WEIGHTUPDATE:           Weight update with global sum fails
KRERR_IP_LEARNFNOTPAR:           Learning function is not parallelized
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