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ART Interface Functions


The functions described in this paragraph are only useful if you use one of the ART models ART1, ART2 or ARTMAP. They are additional functions, not replacing any of the kernel interface functions described above. To use them, you have to include the files art_ui.h and art_typ.h in your application.

krui_err artui_getClassifiedStatus( art_cl_status *status )
returns the actual classification state of an ART network in parameter status. Type art_cl_status is described above. An SNNS error code is returned as function value. The function can be used for ART1, ART2 and ARTMAP models.

krui_err artui_getClassNo( int *class_no )
returns a number between 1 and M in parameter class_no, which is either the index of the actual winner unit in the F layer of an ART1 or ART2 network or the one of the activated MAP unit in an ARTMAP network. It will return -1 as class_no if no actual class is active. An SNNS error code is returned as function value.

krui_err artui_getN (int *N )
determines the number of F1-units in an ART1 or ART2 network.

krui_err artui_getM (int *M )
determines the number of F2-units in an ART1 or ART2 network.

krui_err artui_getNa (int *Na )
determines the number of F1a-units in an ARTMAP network.

krui_err artui_getMa (int *Ma )
determines the number of F2a-units in an ARTMAP network

krui_err artui_getNb (int *Nb)
determines the number of F1b-units in an ARTMAP network.

krui_err artui_getMb (int *Mb)
determines the number of F2b-units in an ARTMAP network.
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