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Memory Management Functions


krui_err krui_allocateUnits( int number )
reserves <number> units in memory. Additional units can be requested by multiple calls to that function. This function doesn't have to be called, since the SNNS kernel always reserves enough memory for units, sites and links. If a large amount of units is needed, however, a call to krui_allocateUnits(...) eases the administration of system resources. If krui_allocateUnits(...) is never called, units are always requested in blocks of size <UNIT_BLOCK>. See also kr_def.h.

void krui_getMemoryManagerInfo(int *unit_bytes, int *site_bytes,
int *link_bytes, int *NTable_bytes,
int *STable_bytes, int *FTable_bytes)
determines the number of allocated (not the number of used) bytes for the various components. void krui_deleteNet()
deletes the network and frees the whole memory used for the representation of the data structures.
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