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Miscelaneous other Interface Functions


char *krui_getVersion()
determines the version number of the SNNS kernel.

void krui_getNetInfo( int *no_of_sites, int *no_of_links,
int *no_of_STable_entries,
int *no_of_FTable_entries )
gathers various information about the network.

void krui_getUnitDefaults( FlintType *act, FlintType *bias,
int *io_type, int *subnet_no, int *layer_no,
char * *act_func, char * *out_func)
determines the default values for generating units. See also krui_createDefaultUnit() and krui_createFTypeUnit(...).

krui_err krui_setUnitDefaults( FlintTypeParam act, FlintTypeParam bias,
int io_type, int subnet_no, int layer_no,
char *act_func, char *out_func)
changes the default values; returns an error code if the IO-type or the activation/output function is unknown. void krui_setSeedNo( long seed )
initializes the random number generator. If seed = 0, the random number generator is re-initialized (this time really at random!). int krui_getNoOfInputUnits()
int krui_getNoOfOutputUnits()
return the number of input/output units int krui_getNoOfSpecialInputUnits()
int krui_getNoOfSpecialOutputUnits()
return the number of special input/output units void krui_resetNet()
sets the activation values of all units to their respective defaults.
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