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File I/O Functions


krui_err krui_loadNet( char *filename, char * *netname )
krui_err krui_saveNet( char *filename, char *netname)
loads/saves a network from/to disk and generates an internal network structure. krui_err krui_loadNewPatterns(char *filename,int *set_no)
krui_err krui_saveNewPatterns(char *filename,int set_no)
saves and loads a pattern file with new style conventions.
The pattern set with the given number will be saved and loaded. krui_err krui_saveResultParam(char *filename,bool create,int startpattern,
int endpattern,bool includeinput,bool includeoutput,
float *Update_param_array, int NoOfUpdateParam)
Saves the network result which depends on the loaded patterns. If create is false,the new file will be appended to an existing file. Startpattern and endpattern determines the range of patterns to use. The input patterns and the teaching output patterns can be included.

An error code is returned if an error occurred during the execution of the I/O functions.
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