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Functions to Read the Function Table


int krui_getNoOfFunctions()
determines the number of available functions (unit, site, and learning functions).

void krui_getFuncInfo( int func_no,
char * *func_name,
int *func_type )
determines the name and type (activation, output, site, or learning function) from the function table. See include file glob_typ.h for the definition of the function types. bool krui_isFunction( char *func_name, int func_type )
returns TRUE if the specified function is a valid function.

bool krui_getFuncParamInfo( char *func_name, int func_type,
int *no_of_input_params,
int *no_of_output_params )
returns the number of input and output parameters of the given learning, update or initialization function. Returns TRUE if the given function exists, FALSE otherwise.
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