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Site Functions

Before input functions (sites) can be set for units, they first have to be defined. To define it, each site is assigned a name by the user. Sites can be selected by using this name. For the definition of sites, the following functions are available:

krui_createSiteTableEntry( char  *site_name, char  *site_func )
krui_changeSiteTableEntry( char  *old_site_name, char  *new_site_name,
                           char  *new_site_func )
krui_deleteSiteTableEntry( char *site_name )
krui_getFirstSiteTableEntry( char * *site_name, char * *site_func )
krui_getNextSiteTableEntry( char * *site_name, char * *site_func )
krui_getSiteTableFuncName( char  *site_name )
krui_setFirstSite( void )
krui_setNextSite( void )
krui_setSite( char  *site_name )
krui_setSiteName( char  *site_name )
krui_addSite( char *site_name )
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