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Unit Functions


The following functions are available for manipulation of the cells and their components:

krui_setCurrentUnit( int  UnitNo )
krui_getUnitName( int  UnitNo )
krui_setUnitName( int  UnitNo, char *unit_name )
krui_searchUnitName( char  *unit_name )
krui_searchNextUnitName( void )
krui_getUnitOutFuncName( int  UnitNo )
krui_setUnitOutFunc( int  UnitNo, char *unitOutFuncName )
krui_getUnitActFuncName( int  UnitNo )
krui_setUnitActFunc( int  UnitNo, char *unitActFuncName )
krui_getUnitFTypeName( int UnitNo )
krui_getUnitActivation( int  UnitNo )
krui_setUnitActivation( int  UnitNo, FlintType  unit_activation )
krui_getUnitInitialActivation( int  UnitNo )
krui_setUnitInitialActivation( int  UnitNo, FlintType unit_i_activation)
krui_getUnitOutput( int  UnitNo )
krui_setUnitOutput( int  UnitNo, FlintType  unit_output )
krui_getUnitBias( int  UnitNo )
krui_setUnitBias( int  UnitNo, FlintType  unit_bias )
krui_getUnitSubnetNo( int UnitNo )
krui_setUnitSubnetNo( int UnitNo, int  subnet_no)
krui_getUnitLayerNo( int UnitNo )
krui_setUnitLayerNo( int UnitNo, unsigned short layer_bitField )
krui_getUnitPosition( int  UnitNo, struct PosType  *position )
krui_setUnitPosition( int  UnitNo, struct PosType  *position )
krui_getUnitNoAtPosition( struct PosType  *position, int subnet_no )
krui_getUnitNoNearPosition( struct PosType  *position, int subnet_no,
                            int range, int gridWidth )
krui_getXYTransTable( struct TransTable  * *xy_trans_tbl_ptr )
krui_getUnitCenters( int unit_no, int center_no,
                     struct PositionVector  * *unit_center )
krui_setUnitCenters( int unit_no, int center_no,
                     struct PositionVector  *unit_center )
krui_getUnitTType( int  UnitNo )
krui_setUnitTType( int  UnitNo, int  UnitTType )
krui_freezeUnit( int  UnitNo )
krui_unfreezeUnit( int  UnitNo )
krui_isUnitFrozen( int  UnitNo )
krui_getUnitInputType( UnitNo )
krui_getUnitValueA(int UnitNo)
krui_setUnitValueA(int UnitNo, FlintTypeParam unit_valueA)
krui_createUnit( char  *unit_name, char  *out_func_name,
                 char  *act_func_name, FlintType  act,
                 FlintType  i_act, FlintType  out,
                 FlintType  bias)
krui_createFTypeUnit( char  *FType_name)
krui_setUnitFType( int  UnitNo, char *FTypeName )
krui_copyUnit( int  UnitNo, int copy_mode )
krui_deleteUnitList( int no_of_units, int unit_list[] )
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