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Loading and Saving Networks


If the user wants to load a network which is to replace the net in main memory, the confirmer appears with the remark that the current network would be erased upon loading. If the question 'Load?' is answered with , the new network is loaded. The file name of the network loaded last appears in the window title of the manager panel.

Note 1: Upon saving the net the kernel compacts its internal data structures if the units are not numbered consecutively. This happens if units are deleted during the creation of the network. All earlier listings with unit numbers then become invalid. The user is therefore advised to save and reload the network after creation, before continuing the work.

Note 2: The assignment of patterns to input or output units may be changed after a network save, if an input or output unit is deleted and is inserted again. This is caused because the activation values in the pattern file are assigned to units in ascending order of the unit number. However, this order is no longer the same because the new input or output units may have been assigned higher unit numbers than the existing input or output units. So some components of the patterns may be assigned incorrectly.
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