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Given a pattern file and a file which contains numbers, pat_sel produces a new pattern file which contains the subset of the first one. This pattern file consists of the patterns whose numbers are given in the number file.

Synopsis: pat_sel <number file> <input pattern file> <output pattern file>


 <number file> 		 ASCII file which contains positive integer

numbers (one per line) in ascending order.

<input pattern file> SNNS pattern file.

<output pattern file> SNNS pattern file which contains the selected

subset (created by pat_sel)

Pat_sel can be used to create a pattern file which contains only the patterns that were classified 'wrong' by the neural network. That is why a `result file' has to be created using SNNS. The result file can be analyzed with the tool analyze. This 'number file' and the corresponding 'pattern file' are used by pat_sel. The new 'pattern file' will be created.
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