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This is a benchmark program for SNNS. Propagation and backpropagation tests are performed.

Synopsis: netperf


		  unix>  netperf


SNNS 3D-Kernel V4.1 --- Benchmark Test ---

Filename of the network file:

loading the network...\ Network name: nettalk1

No. of units: 349

No. of input units: 203

No. of ouput units: 26

No. of sites: 0

No. of links: 27480

Learningfunction: Std_Backpropagation

Updatefunction: Topological_Order

Do you want to benchmark

Propagation [1] or

Backpropagation [2]

Input: 1

Choose no. of cycles

Begin propagation...

No. of units updated: 34900

No. of sites updated: 0

No. of links updated: 2748000

CPU Time used: 3.05 seconds

No. of connections per second (CPS) : 9.0099e+05
Tue Nov 28 10:30:44 MET 1995