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This is a SNNS kernel backpropagation test program. It is a demo for using the SNNS kernel interface to train networks.

Synopsis: netlearn


		  unix> netlearn


SNNS 3D-Kernel V 4.1

---Network learning---

Filename of the network file:

Loading the network...

Network name: letters

No. of units: 71

No. of input units: 35

No. of output units: 26

No. of sites: 0

No. of links: 610

Learning function: Std_Backpropagation

Update function: Topological_Order

Filename of the pattern file: letters.pat

loading the patterns...

Number of pattern: 26

The learning function Std_Backpropagation needs 2 input parameters:

Parameter [1]: 0.6

Parameter [2]: 0.6

Choose number of cycles: 250

Shuffle patterns (y/n) n

Shuffling of patterns disabled

Tue Nov 28 10:30:44 MET 1995