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Manager Panel


Figure gif shows the manager panel. From the manager panel all other elements that have a different, independent window assigned can be called. Because this window is of such central importance, it is recommended to keep it visible all the time.

Figure: Manager panel

The user can request several displays or help windows, but only one control panel or text window. The windows called from the manager panel may also be called via key codes as follows (`Alt-' meaning the alternate key in conjunction with some other key).

SNNS Status Message:  

This line features messages about a current operation or its termination. It is also the place of the command sequence display of the editor. When the command is activated, a message about the execution of the command is displayed. For a listing of the command sequences see chapter gif.

Status line  

This line shows the current position of the mouse in a display, the number of selected units, and the position of flags, set by the editor.

X:0 Y:0 gives the current position of the mouse in the display in SNNS unit coordinates.

The next icon shows a small selected unit. The corresponding value is the number of currently selected units. This is important, because there might be selected units not visible in the displays. The selection of units affects only editor operations (see chapter gif and gif).

The last icon shows a minature flag. If safe appears next to the icon, the safety flag was set by the user (see chapter gif). In this case XGUI forces the user to confirm any delete actions.
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