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Calling Snnsbat


snnsbat may be called interactively or in batch mode. It was designed, however, to be called in batch mode. On Unix machines, the command `at' should be used, to allow logging the program with the mailbox. However, `at' can only read from standard input, so a combination of `echo' and `pipe' has to be used.

Three short examples for Unix are given here, to clarify the calls:

unix>echo 'snnsbat mybatch.cfg mybatch.log' at 21:00 Friday

starts snnsbat next Friday at 9pm with the parameters given in mybatch.cfg and writes the output to the file mybatch.log in the current directory.

unix>echo 'snnsbat SNNSconfig1.cfg SNNSlog1.log' at 22

starts snnsbat today at 10pm

unix>echo 'snnsbat' at now + 2 hours

starts snnsbat in 2 hours and uses the default files snnsbat.cfg and snnsbat.log

The executable is located in the directory `.../SNNSv4.1/kernel/bin/<machine_type>/'.
The sources of snnsbat can be found in the directory `.../SNNSv4.1/kernel/sources/'.
An example configuration file was placed in `.../SNNSv4.0/examples'.
Tue Nov 28 10:30:44 MET 1995