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This function is selecting the order in which the neurons are visited. The format is:

setUpdateFunc (function name, parameters...)

where function name is the name of the update function. The name of the update algorithm has to be selected as shown below.

Topological_Order     BAM_Order              JE_Special         
ART1_Stable           BPTT_Order             Kohonen_Order     
ART1_Synchronous      CC_Order               Random_Order      
ART2_Stable           CounterPropagation     Random_Permutation
ART2_Synchronous      Dynamic_LVQ            RCC_Order         
ARTMAP_Stable         Hopfield_Fixed_Act     Serial_Order      
ARTMAP_Synchronous    Hopfield_Synchronous   Synchonous_Order  
Auto_Synchronous      JE_Order               TimeDelay_Order

After the name is provided several parameters can follow. If no parameters are selected, default values are chosen by the interpreter. The parameters have to be of the type float. The update functions are described in the chapter Update functions. A function call could look like this:

setUpdateFunc ("Topological_Order")

The batch interpreter displays:

Update function is now Topological_Order
Tue Nov 28 10:30:44 MET 1995