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The function call setLearnFunc is very similar to the setinitFunc call. setLearnFunc selects the learning function which will be used in the training process of the neural net. The format is:

setLearnFunc (function name, parameters....)

where function name is the name of the desired learning algorithm. This name is mandatory and has to match one of the following strings:

ART1                   Dynamic_LVQ           RadialBasisLearning 
ART2                   Hebbian               RBF-DDA             
ARTMAP                 JE_BP                 RCC                 
BackPercolation        JE_BP_Momentum        RM_delta            
BackpropBatch          JE_Quickprop          Rprop               
BackpropMomentum       JE_Rprop              Sim_Ann_SS          
BackpropWeightDecay    Kohonen               Sim_Ann_WTA         
BPTT                   Monte-Carlo           Sim_Ann_WWTA        
BBPTT                  PruningFeedForward    Std_Backpropagation 
CC                     QPTT                  TimeDelayBackprop   
Counterpropagation     Quickprop

After the name of the learning algorithm is provided, the user can specify some parameters. The interpreter is using default values if no parameters are selected. The values have to be of the type float. A detailed description can be found in the chapter ``Parameter of the learning function''. Function calls could look like this:

setLearn( "Std_Backpropagation", 0.1)

The first function call selects the learning algorithm and the second one additionally provides the first learning parameter. The batch interpreter displays:

Learning function is now: Std_backpropagation
Parameters are: 0.1
Tue Nov 28 10:30:44 MET 1995