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This function call selects the function with which the net is initialized. The format is:

setInitFunc (function name, parameter...)

where function name is the initialization function and has to be selected out of:

ART1_Weights        DLVQ_Weights            Random_Weights_Perc  
ART2_Weights        Hebb                    Randomize_Weights    
ARTMAP_Weights      Hebb_Fixed_Act          RBF_Weights          
CC_Weights          JE_Weights              RBF_Weights_Kohonen  
ClippHebb           Kohonen_Rand_Pat        RBF_Weights_Redo     
CPN_Weights_v3.2    Kohonen_Weights_v3.2    RCC_Weights          
CPN_Weights_v3.3    Kohonen_Const           RM_Random_Weights    
CPN_Rand_Pat        PseudoInv

It has to be provided by the user and the name has to be exactly as printed above. The function name has to be embraced by "".

After the name of the initialization function is provided the user can enter the parameters which influence the initialization process. If no parameters have been entered default values will be selected. The selected parameters have to be of type float. Function calls could look like this:

setInitFunc ("Randomize_Weights")
setInitFunc("Randomize_Weights", 1.0, -1.0)

where the first call selects the Randomize_Weights function with default parameters. The second call uses the Randomize_Weights function and sets two parameters. The batch interpreter displays:

Init function is now Randomize_Weights
Parameters are: 1.0 -1.0
Tue Nov 28 10:30:44 MET 1995