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Styling Conventions

Here is a description of the style conventions used:

Input which occurs on a Unix command line or which is part of the batch program will be displayed in typewriter writing. Such an input should be adopted without any modification.

For example:

/Unix> batchman -h

This is an instruction which should be entered in the Unix command line, where /Unix> is the shell prompt which expects input from the user. Its appearance may change depending on the Unix-system installed. The instruction batchman -h starts the interpreter with the -h help option which tells the interpreter to display a help message. Every form of input has to be confirmed with Enter (Return). Batch programs or part of batch programs will also be displayed in typewriter writing. Batch programs can be written with a conventional text editor and saved in a file. Commands can also be entered in the interactive mode of the interpreter. If a file is used as a source to enter instructions, the name of the file has to be provided when starting the interpreter. Typewriter writing is also used for wild cards. Those wild cards have to be replaced by real names.
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