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This newly implemented batch language is to replace the old snnsbat. Programs which are written in the old snnsbat language will not be able to run on the newly designed interpreter. Snnsbat is not supported any longer, but we keep the program for those users who are comfortable with it and do not want to switch to batchman. The new language supports all functions which are necessary to train and test neural nets. All non-graphical features which are offered by the graphical user interface ( XGUI) may be accessed with the help of this language as well.

The new batch language was modeled after languages like AWK, Pascal, Modula2 and C. It is an advantage to have some knowledge in one of the described languages. The language will enable the user to get the desired result without investing a lot of time in learning its syntactical structure. For most operators multiple spellings are possible and variables don't have to be declared before they are used. If an error occurs in the written batch program the user will be informed by a displayed meaningful error message (warning) and the corresponding line number.
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