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New Panel


The New panel is used to start new simulator kernels on different computers. A computer host name is required in the first line (it is also possible to select one from the list by clicking on it with the left mouse button). The second line specifies the path to the desired rpc kernel. Remember to seltect an rpc kernel of the correct computer architecture, if you are working with a heterogeneous workstation cluster. Different calling parameters can be added in the third line.

Figure: The RPC New Panel

The button starts a new rpc kernel. To start the program, xguirpc uses the `rsh'-instruction to execute a command on a remote computer system. The newly started simulator kernel receives the computer name, portmap number and version of the computer on which the graphical user-interface is running. After a successful start of the simulator kernel, the kernel registers with the graphical user-interface. The kernel is then included in the `host-list' of the rpc panel.

If the new kernel is not listed in the `host-list' of the rpc panel within a couple of seconds, it might be due to the fact that the given path is invalid on the specified machine (e.g. wrong mount prefix). In this case try to determine the correct path and try again.

With the and the buttons, different already existing simulator kernels can be connected with the graphical user-interface. The difference between those two buttons is that selects a specific computer and sends a signal to all computers in the LAN. It is not guaranteed that all computers will actually receive the signal.
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