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Kernelrpc has the following options:

If kernelrpc is started without any options the kernel will wait a short period of time. If there is no connection to an xguirpc the kernelrpc will be aborted. The default waiting time is set to 15 minutes. The simplest way to start kernelrpc is with the help of the New panel of the rpc module, because all options are set automatically. It is possible to run up to 10 kernelrpcs at the same time on one computer.

In some networks problems occur, caused by the domain name. If NIS (SUN Yellow pages) is activated, the function getdomainname does not deliver the correct domain name. However, this problem can be solved, if the environment variable DOMAINNAME is set to the correct domain name.

Example: On our Sun workstations getdomainname returns infra instead of To solve this problem, we type: setenv DOMAINNAME The best way to achieve this is to add the above line to the .cshrc file.
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