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Setup Panel


Figure: Setup Panel

In the base column of the setup panel, the transformation parameters can be set explicitly to certain values. The rotation angle is given in degrees as a nine digit float number, the transposition is given in pixels, the scale factor relative to 1. Upon opening the window, the fields contain the values set by the transformation panels, or the values read from the configuration file. The default value for all fields is zero. The net is then displayed just as in the 2D-display.

In the step column the step size for the transformations can be set. The default for rotation is ten degrees, the default for moving is 10 pixel. The scaling factor is set to 1.1.

In the aspect field the ratio between edge length of the units and distance between units is set. Default is edge length equals distance.

With links the scale factor for drawing links can be set. It is set to 1.0 by default.

The button closes the panel and redraws the net.
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