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Structure of an ARTMAP Network


Since an ARTMAP network is based on two networks of the ART1 model, it is useful to know how ART1 is realized in SNNS. Having taken two of the ART1 (ART and ART ) networks as they were defined in section gif, we add several units that represent the MAP field. The connections between ART and the MAP field, ART and the MAP field, as well as those within the MAP field are shown in figure gif. The figure lacks the full connection from the F layer to the F layer and those from each F unit to its respective F unit and vice versa.

Figure: The MAP field with its control units.

The map field units represent the categories, onto which the ART classes are mappedgif. The G unit is the MAP field gain unit. The units rm (reset map), rb (reset F ), rg (reset general), (vigilance) and d (delay 1) represent the inter-ART-reset control. and qu (quotient) have to realize the Match-Tracking-Mechanism and cl (classified) and nc (not classifiable) again show whether a pattern has been classified or was not classifiable.
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