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Structure of an ART2 Network


The realization of ART2 differs from the one of ART1 in its basic idea. In this case the network structure would have been too complex, if mathematics had been implemented within the network to the same degree as it has been done for ART1. So here more of the functionality is in the control program. In figure gif you can see the topology of an ART2 network as it is implemented in SNNS.

Structure of an ART2 network in SNNS. Thin arrows represent a connection from one unit to another. The two big arrows in the middle represent the full connectivity between comparison and recognition layer and the one between recognition and comparison layer, respectively.

All the units are known from the ART2 theory, except the rst units. They have to do the same job for ART2 as for ART1 networks. They block the actual winner in the recognition layer in case of reset. Another difference between the ART2 model described in [CG87b] and the realization in SNNS is, that originally the units u have been used to compute the error vector r, while this implementation takes the input units instead.

For an exact definition of the required topology for ART2 networks in SNNS see section gif
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