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BigNet for Elman Networks

By clicking on the button in the BigNet menu, the BigNet window for Elman networks (see fig.gif) is opened.

Figure: The BigNet Window for Elman Networks

The number of units of each layer has to be specified in the column No. of Units. Each hidden layer is assigned a context layer having the same size. The values in the column No. of Col. have the same meaning as the corresponding values in the BigNet window for Jordan networks.

The number of hidden layers can be changed with the buttons and . adds a new hidden layer just before the output layer. The hidden layer with the highest layer number can be deleted by pressing the button. The current implementation requires at least one and at most eight hidden layers. If the network is supposed to also contain a context layer for the output layer, the button has to be toggled, else the button. Press the button to create the net. The generated network has the following properties:

Click on the button to close the BigNet window for Elman networks.
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