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BigNet for Self-Organizing Maps

As described in chapter gif, it is recommended to create Kohonen-Self-Organizing Maps only by using either the BigNet network creation tool or convert2snns outside the graphical user interface. The SOM architecture consists of the component layer (input layer) and a two-dimensional map, called competitive layer. Since component layer and competitive layer are fully connected, each unit of the competitive layer represents a vector with the same dimension as the component layer.

Figure: The BigNet window for the SOM architecture

To create a SOM, only 3 parameters have to be specified:

If the parameters are correct (positive integers), pressing the button will create the specified network. If the creation of the network was successful a confirming message is issued. The parameters of the above example would create the network of figure gif. Eventually close the BigNet panel by pressing the button.

Figure: An Example SOM
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