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Selection of Units


Units are selected by clicking on the unit with the left mouse button. On Black&White terminals, selected units are shown with crosses, on color terminals in a special, user defined, color. The default is yellow. By pressing and holding the mouse button down and moving the mouse, all units within a rectangular area can be selected, like in a number of popular drawing programs. It is not significant in what direction the rectangle is opened.

  To remove a unit or group of units from a selection, one presses the SHIFT key on the keyboard while selecting the unit or group of units again. This undoes the previous selection for the specified unit or group of units. Alternatively, a single unit can be deselected with the right mouse button.

If the whole selection should be reset, one clicks in an empty raster position. The number of selected units is displayed at the bottom of the manager panel next to a stylized selection icon.

Example (setting activations of a group of units):

The activations of a group of units can be set to a specific value as follows: Enter the value in the activation value field of the target unit in the info panel. Select all units that should obtain the new value. Then enter the command to set the activation ( Units Set Activation).
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